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dimanche 24 mars 2013

 Remembering the days of doom

I am often amused and sometimes irked by financial "analysts", "tech pundits" and social networks comments about Apple being cornered by competition, losing its sense of innovation, and so on...

Countering these comments was not on my priority. Thanks to Timothy Pereira for gathering the demonstration that we are hearing the cover of an older song.
Real life is more complicated than A + B. Like any firm, Apple is reinventing itself ; the only real "problem" is that outsiders don't know yet how this is being done.

Why Apple Is Losing Its Appeal Again
by Sam Jaffe, published in BusinessWeek - Dec. 11, 2000

Investors may be asking themselves what Apple can do to revive its fortunes. The likely answer, unfortunately, is that Steve Jobs has no white rabbits left in his hat. Apple appears to be facing a dead end in its business growth, the victim of mismanagement and unmitigated hubris.

Technology's walking dead
by Michael Kanellos, published in ZDNet - Jan. 5, 2001

2004: Apple - Watch for the big fire sale. Pretty designs and overpriced blue plastic can only get you so far.

Mac G5: Too Little, Too Late
by James Maguire, published in NewsFactor - Jun 12, 2003

Looking at the future of the PC market, Apple's premium pricing structure becomes ever more outdated. A few years downstream, Linux desktops will force Windows to get cheaper. At that point even Windows boxes, seriously cheaper than Apple, will be in the "too expensive" category.

Will the iPod Become the Next Pet Rock?
by Paul Thurrott, published in Connected Home Magazine - Sep 15, 2004

Apple's short-term success is very real and quite admirable, but the company's inability to see coming trends in video, subscription content, and interoperability suggests that Apple is repeating the mistakes of the past. In the 1980s, the Mac held an early lead over the PC but was quickly buried after the industry standardized on a common Microsoft technology. Today, that series of events is repeating itself, and online music services -- and to a greater degree, the digital delivery of all media types -- is very much at a nascent stage. If Apple doesn't change its ways, the company simply won't survive.

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