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15 novembre 2015 : Using Blosxom starter kit with Apple's OS X Server

This is mainly a note to myself, about my blogging tool... ->>

18 août 2007 : The zen of blogging, the return

There is a renewed interest for Blosxom at the development mailing list... ->>

28 août 2006 : Blosxom 2.0.2

Blosxom starter kit version 20060826: Updated to Blosxom 2... ->>

13 janvier 2006 : For English speaking hackers...

Some English speaking people have complained that Blosxomsk has only french menus: this download might help... ->>

02 janvier 2006 : New version of Blosxom Starter Kit

Late Christmas gift is available for download... ->>

01 novembre 2005 : Bugfix

A new release of Blosxom starter kit is available for download ... ->>

10 juin 2005 : Three plugins for blosxom users...

This is to (re-)publish as standalones three plugins included in my blosxom starter kit : prevnextstory : populates the prevnexstory namespace with links for pointing to preceding and following stories (arranged chronologically)... ->>

21 septembre 2004 : Announcement : Blosxom starter kit

Blosxom is a web publishing tool which has a good following... ->>

21 septembre 2004 : Retour en mode bricolage

Oyez, oyez, braves gens : le maître de céans s'excuse, mais il semble qu'il soit condamné aux éclipses annuelles vers la fin du mois d'Août et le début du mois de Septembre... ->>