Print66, a free print server for the Macintosh

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Current version : 0.69 (January 2002)

To download :

Source code is also available (for Metrowerks Codewarrior11) : 116 k binary compressed archive.

Archives are compressed. You will need Stuffit Expander 5.1 or later.

What is it ?

Print66 is a print server that implements the Berkeley Line Printer Protocols on the Macintosh. It listens on the TCP port 515, spools files sent from remote hosts and sends them to an USB printer, a Serial printer, or a LaserWriter on the Appletalk network. It can also be used to print any file to a Laserwriter printer.

Print66 should run under System 7 and requires MacTCP or OpenTransport TCP/IP.

This program is really a quick and dirty work, which in many aspects does not conform to Macintosh user interface, but I may rework it if I have enough time and/or someone find it useful. Bug reports and suggestions are welcomed at

This program is freeware and will stay freeware. As the program is free, it comes without any warranty. You use it at your own risks.

A few quotes

Macobserver :

...there may be cases where your network doesn't allow AppleTalk, or you may want to share your printer with non-Mac computers. Print66 can solve your problem...

Peter Figaroa :

In my case I've six iMacs and one PowerMac G4 each one has a local attach HP deskjet printer connected to the USB port. They all running the freeware LPD daemon Print66 from barijaona, which can accept print jobs from our Citrix server, Windows NT server, IBM AS/400 system, Unix server and Windows PCs.

Jonathan Wise :

A little searching uncovered an incredible app for the Mac called Print66 -- a port of some well known Unix functionality. It's not very sexy, but it is quite lightweight, and elegant.

I just wanted to tell you that Print66 is the most useful product I've ever seen. I investigated numerous commercial software and hardware print servers to allow my Mac and PCs to use the same printer. All were expensive or cumbersome. Print66, while a little tough to configure, was elegant, lightweight and... perfect.

Michael W. Leonard :

Thank you so much for Print66. My fiancee has a Macintosh with an HP OfficeJet Series 6100 on one of the USB ports. I had wanted to put the printer on a USB print server, but she balked when I told her she wouldn't be able longer to use the scanner without moving the USB plug from the print server back to the computer. So, I needed another solution. I have a laptop running Linux via wireless. I searched using Google to find a way to use her Mac as a server, and voila!, Print66 came up. A couple hours later, I had everything working. The PPC version is now started automatically via her Startup folder, so I won't have to worry when she reboots. All is well.

What is the status of this application ?

It is unlikely that I will add new functionalities to Print66. But I still support it and will attempt to correct any left bug. Do not hesitate to contact me at

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." --Mahatma Gandhi.

Version History

The latest version can be downloaded through the URL :

Print66 is a quick port from the lpDaemon program originally written by Casper Boon in Think C. The lpDaemon version 3.3.2 sources have been ported to Metrowerks CodeWarrior environment and have been recompiled. Some parts of the code have been rewritten due to the change of environment and the evolutions of Mac Headers, and to build a PowerPC version. I corrected a few bugs (and may have inadvertently added new ones :-) ), added the handshake support for serial printers and the support of USB printers.

I did this work because I wanted to print some AS/400 print files on a printer connected directly to my desktop Macintosh. The possibility to print to a serial port or USB printer appears nowadays more interesting than the use of AppleTalk, because many modern network printers already handle directly TCP/IP and LPR/LPD, and this explain the focus of my work.

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